The Most Asked About Artificial Jewelry in 2023

Most of the people are well aware of the artificial jewelry or as they call it “costume jewelry”. However, people still have many questions regarding the artificial jewelry in their minds some of which have been seen in online searches in 2023 and the rest are still to come up.

We, being the experts in the field, felt a need to answer these questions technically but in a simple way for everyone to understand. Below mentioned are some of the common questions that evolve out of the world’s curious minds:

What material is used in making artificial jewellery?

Artificial jewellery is mostly made of metals like copper and brass. Sometimes it also includes traces of iron, tin, lead and other metals. However the one with finer look & feel and reliable in quality is mainly made of an alloy with copper and brass as its major contents.

Is artificial jewellery harmful for health?

Just like the real or precious metals such as gold, silver or platinum, copper and brass are also the metals extracted from the earth. So if the gold harms you in any way, the copper must do as well. In simple words, any metal doesn’t harm anyone unless you’re, for any personal reasons, specifically allergic to a certain metal.

Why to choose fake jewellery instead of the real one?

First of all, the imitation jewellery cannot be called as “fake” for any reason. It is rather a creative innovation by the experts as a need of the hour. So both the precious metal jewelry and artificial jewellery have their own places. However there are several reasons that you have, to go for the artificial jewellery instead of the precious metals, i.e.,

Benefits of the artificial jewellery over the gold & silver jewellery

  • It has tremendous innovation as compared to the old gold & silver jewelry
  • It is uncomparrably affordable for almost every class of the society
  • It is evolving with the new fashion trends every next moment
  • It is providing enormous business opportunities to the fresh entrepreneurs

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Is artificial jewellery allergic?

Technically saying, No it doesn’t. However there are some black sheeps in every field who do not follow the universally accepted standards and use prohibitted metals such as lead in manufacturing the artificial jewellery. So always go for the lead-free artificial jewellery. Do ask for it before buying.

Does artificial jewellery tarnish or turn black?

Dealing with the hundreds of thousands of artificial jewellery pieces over more than a decade, we have observed that every single piece of artificial jewellery is prone to tarnish if you do not take the necessary care of it. There are many brands out there claiming that their imitation jewellery is tarnish resistant. But this claim is totally false if it is unconditional.

It although depends upon the quality of electroplating that protects the base metal from interacting with the elements in the open air which ultimately affects the color as a result of a chemical reaction. So we recommend that you must always keep your artificialy jewellery in a dry and air-tight storage for it’s shine and glow to last for a longer lifespan.

tarnish resistant zircon bracelet


Artificial jewellery is far better than the precious metals for it is innovative, affordable and continuously evolving. Just take good care of it if you love your jewellery. Keep it dry & avoid contact with air when you aren't wearing it.

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